What are Hybrid Sips?

At the heart of our Hybrid Building System Is Our Hybrid Sip panels.
Hybrid Sips are truly a leap forward in the Sip Industry. These panels
are a cross between Steel Framing and Structural insulated panels
(SIP). This revolutionary design compounds the benefits of both

Our Hybrid Sips are 18 gauge steel framed walls sandwiched in
between two layers of FIBEROCK, Magnum Board or other selected
skin materials. The cavity is then injected with polyurethane foam
under pressure.

This foam fills every crevice of this framework and acts as both an
adhesive and an insulator that creates an incredibly strong building
system. The addition of cam locks and our revolutionary one piece
corners set this system apart from all others. Our system has been
tested to category 4-hurricane strength and is fire resistant.

Finally this method allows virtually no air infiltration creating a quiet
draft free interior. This translates to a comfortable, energy efficient
home for decades to come.

Why Build With Hybrid Sips?


When you build with sips you are starting with sustainable building
components to create your walls and roofing. The jobsite will have
very little waste making it’s way to our landfills. Last but not least
the energy required to heat and cool your new home could be cut by
40% – 60%, and that’s good for everyone.


Our sip and hybrid sip panels are three times stronger than
conventional stick built construction. Our method incorporates 90
degree corners into its wall system. By design these one-piece
corners add tremendous strength when subjected to hurricane force
winds. Our cam locks that hold the panels together also add
incredible strength as well as speeding up construction time.

Fast Build Times

Imagine sliding a wall panel into a receiving channel bolted to the
foundation, then locking it to the adjacent panel by simply turning 4
to 5 cam locks. This can be done by a four-person crew at a rate of
40 lineal feet per hour with minimal training. This would be very
impressive if the same crew could frame that fast. However even
if they could they would only be part way toward creating a wall system. They would still need to insulate, pull wiring, apply exterior sheeting and install interior sheetrock. With our sips, the window and door openings have already been framed for you, including headers. The exterior walls are
ready for the final finish material and if you choose our FIBEROCK or
Magnum Board as your interior skin you eliminate the need and
expense to sheet rock the inside of the exterior walls. All of your
electrical boxes and wiring chases are already molded into the walls.
All shop drawing and panels are numbered, simply follow a few simple
steps and your walls and roof panels will be erected in hours, not days.
This makes for faster dry in times and reduces the cost of labor,
especially higher priced journeyman framers. Our system would
require only one lead man and a few helpers.
(Watch demonstration video).

Easy Electrical Wiring

Your electrician will love you for this system. All of your electrical boxes are built into the walls per the architectural drawings. Simply fish wires through the pre-installed conduit embedded in the wall panels.

Factory Made Panels

All of our panels are made in a controlled environments, which means they are straight and perfectly squared.

Energy Efficient

Save up to 60% on heating and cooling bills as compared to stick built

Smaller HVAC System

Our energy efficient building envelope allows you to use a smaller
less expensive HVAC unit.

Quieter Home

Our Sip panels substantially reduce exterior noise due to our
polyurethane foam core.

Reduce Job Site Waste

Very little job site waste is created, this makes for a cleaner, safer
jobsite; with less expense incurred for hauling and dumping debris.

Reduce Material Theft

Sip panel theft is very rare. These panels have little value to thieves,
unlike dimensional lumber, plywood or any other materials.

Termite Infiltration

Termites simply do not eat steel, polyurethane, FIBEROCK or
Magnum Board.